Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First "sell" baby blanket!

i hate how hard it is to get pictures of the real color of stuff. anyways this blanket is a big deal to me because while making it i finally solved the "twist" problem ive always had with making big granny square blankets! who knew it would be something as simple as turning the work at the beginning of each line. lol.

First "sell" stuffed dino! *sold*

purple "sell" blanket

i need one more skein to finish this blanket and as soon as its done ill post a full pic of it :)

Birthday blanket for my friend Emily

first "sell" blanket

i decided against the boarder in the end but this is what it looked like with it:

it only took me a week to complete this blanket!

squares all layed out ready to be whip stitched together!
 rows all in order and labled ready to start whip stitching.

Blanket for my new baby nephew Braxton!

Penguin for my niece Emily!