Sunday, February 27, 2011

rainbows and fluff

beanie: used same pattern as my "easy peasy" hat

shoulder wrap: did not connect any of the rounds and made a hole at the top for a button. also cut yarn at the end of every color change then wove in the tails after i finished.

fingerless gloves: chain 16 (or more if you want them longer) hdc in each hole. make wide enough to wrap around your wrist then hold ends together and slip stitch together leaving a 5 stitch  hole for your thumb. i finished mine off with: bottom- 1 round of 3 sc each hole then second round using same holes as first round 3 hdc this makes really thick frilly and fluffy cuff :). top- 1 row 3 hdc each hole. note: at each color change i cut my yarn and weaved in the ends once i the gloves were stitched together.

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